Shea Body butters for long lasting hydration and is the best match for body scrubs.

After a good exfoliation the best is a good hydration with  shea body butter. We always dream of having soft, delicate, smooth, hydrated and nourished skins. BUTTERS FOR LONG LASTING HYDRATION can be achieved with a good care and maintenance of our skin, choosing to always provide with the best products to our body because it deserves it. The reality is that our skin is as important as our whole body, day by day we get up on the rush and we forget the importance of moisturizing it.

There are many people who think that lotions moisturize the skin, the reality is that cheap lotions and especially the mass market are made with up to 90% water, in the end what is being applied to the skin is no hydration or nutrition And the consumer ends up paying for the advertising, packaging and profit of the seller. Sometimes you have wondered why after applying the lotion after the bath after two minutes the lotion was absorbed and nothing was retained in the epidermis, this is because its greater content is water. We must use shea body butters with moisturizing agents containing natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, grape oil, among others, these create a barrier in the skin to prevent water loss and in turn Provide nutrients needed to keep it in optimum condition.