Retinol Benefits in Skin Care

Retinol Benefits in Skin Care: In case you did not know photoaged skin and its health appearance can also give a renewed. Although initially this powerful antioxidant was used for acne treatments, then it has already been extended for the use of prevention of anti-aging treatments, dark spots, hyperpigmentation & blemishes. – Anti-wrinkle. Retinol is a highly antioxidant vitamin. Prevents … Read More


VITAMIN C: Ascorbic Acid is a must for skins with dark spots or melasma, hyper-pigmentation, sun spots. These spots are brown and appear during pregnancy, in women with hormonal imbalances, as well as those taking birth control pills, also the excess of sun exposure. The orange is a fruit with a high content of Vitamin C, dermatologists also recommend that applying … Read More